BIM and software usage support

BIM usage issues

Using our different BIM objects should work without issues, but if you run into any, the points below may help you solve it.

  • Make sure you download BIM objects for the software they are created for. Some of our BIM objects are available for multiple software.
  • The BIM objects may require a minimum software version. If so, the related BIM manual should inform you about this.
  • Always consult the related BIM manual for information about how our BIM objects works before requesting help. Our BIM manuals are available for download here.
  • If you still find an issue the manual or the points above cannot help you with, contact us on our support email. Include detailed information about the issue together with screenshots, to help us identify the issue and hopefully find a solution.

Software usage issues

When trying to use our software, there can be issues depending on different things. Below are some tips and solutions based on our experience. For license manager messages and issues, you find support here.

  • If software does not start and run as intended, please check installation issues and the other points below and make sure all these are tested. If nothing works, you are welcome to contact us on our support email. If you do, we need detailed information about the issue, including screenshots, at what stage the issue arises and any message(s) that is shown.
  • Make sure you use a supported operating system. For operating system requirement, see the specific software support page.
  • Our licensed software needs an Internet connection in order to run properly, unless your account is allowed limited offline usage of our licensed software. See the license manager support page for more info if you run into issues related to this. Also note, that in order to activate licensed software, an Internet connection is required.
  • Some of our software uses network and/or Internet services in order to function properly. If you have issues, check if there are any network errors or network performance issues.
  • If you get a message about missing pre-requisites when trying to run software, something is preventing these components from running properly or has prevented them from being installed correctly. Look at the other points in this list or at the installation support page and see if any of them solve the issue.
  • Firewall and other security measurements may prevent the software from running correctly, blocking access to network or services the application uses. Make sure access to these works as intended.
  • We have shared components that some of our software use. This includes Lindab LicenseManager and Lindab EC3Library. Make sure these have been installed and are able to work as intended.

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