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Development of Lindab RevitLibrary discontinued 2019-01-16

Due to continuous extensions and updates of our product range, we have decided to discontinue the development of Lindab RevitLibrary, which is our library of BIM objects for Revit.

Our BIM objects are from now on only distributed via BIMobject, which will help us to secure that our latest updates always reaches out to our users immediately after release.

You will find our full range of BIM objects here.

Lindab AutoCADLibrary 1.0 has been released 2018-11-21
DIMstud 1.4 released 2018-11-21
Version 1.51 of Lindab StructuralDesigner released 2018-11-12
Version 2017.0.1 of Lindab RevitTools released 2018-10-11
Version 2016.1.1 of Lindab ADTTools released 2018-10-11
Version 1.3 of Lindab DIMstud released 2018-05-16
Version 1.5 of Lindab StructuralDesigner released 2017-09-21
Version 2017.1 of Lindab RevitLibrary released 2017-06-02
Version 1.2 of Lindab DIMstud released 2017-03-07
Version 2016.1 of Lindab ADTTools released 2017-02-28
Version 2017.0 of Lindab RevitTools released 2017-02-21
Version 2.1 of Lindab WALLanalyzer released 2016-12-19
Version 2017.0 of Lindab RevitLibrary released 2016-11-22
Version 2016.3 of Lindab RevitLibrary released 2016-11-01
Version 2016.0 of Lindab ADTTools has been released 2016-09-22
Version 1.4 of Lindab StructuralDesigner has been released 2016-09-12