About registration at Lindab Information Gateway

Who should apply for an account:

Information Gateway is intended for those who want to use Lindab software for their work or studies.

Important to consider:

Please read all terms carefully before completing registration. Continuing with registration confirms your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions of an Information Gateway account.

Be sure to fill in all information with correct and current information. This will make it easier and faster for us to handle your registration request and create a customer account. A request with inadequate and / or incorrect data will take longer to process and may be rejected entirely.

A correct email address is important because it will be used for communication relating to the administration of your Information Gateway account. It is recommended that you use a personal email address, not a common one that multiple people have access to.

Regarding our software and web applications:

Be aware that getting an account does not give you automatic access to all Information Gateway software and web applications that require an account. Relevant software will be individually assigned to your account. Make a note in the comment field of the registration application if you require access to specific software.

Note that some software and material will be automatically available to all account users regardless of area of interest.

When the registration is done:

You will receive an email that we have received your registration request. When a registration request is made, you will be assigned a contact person at Lindab.

We will handle your registration request as soon as possible. Vacation and holiday seasons may cause it to take longer.

If we find that we need more information to proceed, a request for updated information will be created. You will then get an email about this with a temporary link to update your request. Follow the steps, change and update to proceed.

When your account has been set up, you will receive an email with your account profile and a link to create a password. If you fail to create the password before the link expires, you can use the reset password function to request a new link.