License manager messages

If you have not updated our LicenseManager
For users, who have not updated our LicenseManager to version 2.0, you can find more detailed info here.

Upgrading from version 1.1 to 2.0

Upgrading from version 1.1 to 2.0 should work without issues for single user accounts. Multi user accounts may need to reactivate their software again due to changes implemented in the new version.

If you need to downgrade to version 1.1 again for any reason, you must do the following:

  • Uninstall version 2.0 with it's own uninstall tool or by running the installation for version 2.0 and select uninstall. Running installation for version 1.1 will not fully uninstall version 2.0, preventing you from running the license manager correctly.
  • When you have uninstalled version 2.0 as described above, run installation for version 1.1. For any software you have tried with version 2.0 of the license manager, you will need to reactive your software again. You find a download link for version 1.1 on the support download page.

Activating software

When you install software on a computer, you must activate the software. To do this, you must have an active Internet connection. Depending on the type of account, this is done in two different ways:

  • Single user account

    Select the tab 'Single user account' in the Activate window of the Lindab LicenseManager, then put in your account ID (number) or email in the 'Account ID or email' field and your password in the 'Password' field. Finally click the button 'Activate'.

  • Multi user account

    Here, the account owner of the multi user account, gives you access to run our software. In this case, the account owner provides the account id and an activation code for you to activate your software with.

    Select the tab 'Multi user account' in the Activate window of the Lindab LicenseManager. From here, put in the account ID (number) in the 'Account ID' field and the activation code in the 'Activation code' field, then click the button 'Activate'.

Reactivating software

If you change or reset your password for your Information Gateway single user account, you must reactivate all license protected software with your new password. If not, you will receive an error when trying to run software. When the activation dialog appears, follow the activation procedure for single user accounts as described above.

The same procedure applies to multi user accounts, in case the activation code has been changed. Receive the account ID and new activation code from the account owner and follow the activation procedure for multi user accounts as described above.

Allow us to collect anonymous usage data for our applications

When activating or reactivating software, you can allow us to collect anonymous project data for the specific application. The data collected in such case depends on the application, but will not include any user specific or personal project data. The purpose of collecting the data is to give us information about how our applications are used.

User info window

If your account and license info is correct and valid, a user info window is shown for a short period of time. While this window is up, you have the ability to edit your data and reactive software if needed. If you want more detailed information about your account data, you can hover with the mouse pointer on either your name or company depending on the account type. This will show a tooltip with more detailed information, useful if you are unsure about it. While the tooltip is active, the user info window will not close.

License protection errors

Most of our desktop software is protected from unauthorized use by a license manager. This license manager is activated on startup of the software, verifying that your account on Information Gateway is eligible to run the software. Depending on the account status and software access status, different messages can be displayed. Below are the different types of messages, with more details on why they are displayed and actions needed. The first line in the message will give you information on what kind of error it is.

  • Account information not updated

    If your account needs to update the profile data, you will get this message. This is the case of accounts created before 2018-04-23, but may also happen on newer accounts. Log in to Information Gateway, update and save your profile data.

  • Account not activated

    If you have not activated your account on Information Gateway, this message is shown. Make sure you log in to Information Gateway to activate your account first.

  • Anonymized account

    An account that has been inactive for a period of time, as stated in the terms, will be anonymized after first being set as inactive. In this case, all personal data is erased and the account is no longer possible to use or activate again. Trying to use software with an account in this state will display this message.

  • Inactive account

    This means your account is not active, either because of long period of inactivity or by active choice of us due to misuse or actions to restrict access. In this case, you must contact us in order to activate your account.

  • Incorrect username and/or password

    Verify that you are using the correct account ID. For multi user accounts, use the account ID provided by the account owner. In case you get this message when trying to activate software with a single user account and using your email, make sure the email you use is the one registered with you Information Gateway account.

    For single user accounts, you need to use the same password you use on your Information Gateway account.

    For multi user accounts, make sure you use the correct activation code, given to you by the account owner. Activation code is intended to be time-limited and changed when needed.

  • Invalid account

    This means your account contains invalid data, most likely an old account missing data in one or more required fields. Log in and update your profile information, save and try again.

  • Invalid software license

    In this case, you are trying to use software you do not have access to. If you want to use the software, you can request access to it inside Information Gateway.

  • License amount exceeded

    This means you have activated a software on more computers then you are allowed to. Activation, is by default, only allowed on a limited number of computers. If you get this message, please contact your contact person or our global support email. A common cause to this error is when you upgrade to a new computer for different reasons.

  • License period has expired

    This means your license period has expired. You can request a license period extension when logged in to Information Gateway. On the start page, you should see a button to create a license period extension if any software expires within 3 months. Do this and we handle your request and extend your license periods.

  • Terms not accepted

    In order to use our software, you must accept the terms provided on Information Gateway. Log in, and you should be directed to the correct page where you can accept the terms.

  • This software has to be activated online

    To activate software, you must be online and have access to Internet. Make sure no firewall or similar is blocking the communication to our license manager web service.

  • Unknown error

    This is a general error message in rare cases. Restart the software and try again. If the error persists, reinstall the software and license manager if needed.

  • Other errors

    There are some other errors that can be raised. In this case, pay attention to the error message and follow the instructions.

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