Terms for Lindab Information Gateway

What is Information Gateway?

Information Gateway is a web portal where Lindab distributes and provides software for Information Gateway account holders. The Information Gateway is also used for publishing information about the latest news.

Age limit:

You need to be at least 18 years old to create an account. Our software is intended for people working in areas such as architecture, engineering, the construction industry and students of related subjects.

Teachers of students who do not fulfill the age limit requirements can request a multi user account, and through that give access to their students.

Security for you:

Information Gateway uses an encrypted connection (https) in the web browser. To protect your account, it is important that you log out and close your web browser when you are finished working, especially when using a public computer.

Handling personal data:

The information that you provide through registration will be stored in the Information Gateway system until the day you request to be removed, or if your account has been inactive for a period of at least one (1) year and six (6) months. The information can be used to contact you for business related purposes.

Your information will not be passed to any third part except our external partner that we use for newsletters.

The password you create must fulfill certain criteria. The password is stored in a safe way according to recommended principles for handling of passwords, and cannot be re-created.

Creation of an account:

The purpose of an Information Gateway account is to gain access and ability to use Lindab software for educational and professional use. Keep in mind that the account is personal and connected to you as a person, not your employer or education site.

It is also possible for a company or university to get a multi user account. To apply for a multi user account, contact Lindab on informationgateway@lindab.com.

By creating an account, you accept that Lindab can use your information to get in contact with you, and for statistic purposes.

Account usage:

Through the account, you get access to Information Gateway, and the range of software and web applications that requires an account for usage. You will also get an overview of the software that can be used without an account as well as access to other materials related to this software. If you need access to software that requires an account for usage, you can request it through the Information Gateway.

Account responsibility:

Your account is your responsibility and an eventual misuse can result in the account being deactivated. Keep your password safe. Contact Lindab if you suspect that your account has been compromised. You are responsible for ensuring that your login credentials does not end up in the wrong hands.

Account deactivation:

Lindab can decide to deactivate your account due to circumstances such as misuse or long inactivity. This means that you will not be able to log in to Information Gateway or use the software connected to the account. The account will still be in our system and can be activated again upon request.

An account that has been inactive for a period of at least one (1) year, will be deactivated. This deactivation means that the account is marked for removal after another six (6) months, unless a request for reactivation comes to Lindab.

Account removal:

You can request your account to be removed by sending an email to informationgateway@lindab.com.

Lindab will then delete all personal information related to your account, and the possibility of using the Information Gateway and the software related to that account will be terminated.

Information in statistic reports will still be in our system, but they will only relate to an account without personal information.

Communication between you and Lindab:

Your email address is our primary communication channel. Most of the communication between you and Lindab will be through automatic generated emails created by the Information Gateway.

It is important to ensure that emails get through as they should and do not get caught in spam filters or similar. For that reason, it is important to use a personal email address and not a public email address that multiple people have access too. Also avoid temporary email addresses.

Your information:

The account is personal and it is your responsibility to update your account information when needed. It is important that your information is correct and up to date so that the communication with Lindab works as expected. You can see the information that is stored against your account through the Information Gateway.


Lindab continuously log statistics relating to the usage of the Information Gateway and the software distributed through the Information Gateway. This is done to check inactivity, amongst other things.

Lindab also logs information to secure the function of Information Gateway and to detect intrusions and other attempts of abuse. This logging includes network related information such as IP-addresses. This information is stored in separate logs only accessible by authorised personnel. These logs are saved for a period of six (6) months.


Lindab keeps statistics relating to the usage of software, downloads, activities and usage of functions etc. in Information Gateway. These statistics are used to see trends and to improve our Lindab services.


You can choose to receive our newsletter from the Information Gateway. This newsletter contains information about Lindab software and other related subjects for users of the Information Gateway. You are able to opt-in at the registration but also later on by the opt-in function in your profile.

Once you have received the first newsletter you will no longer be able to unsubscribe to the newsletter from within your Information Gateway profile. Unsubscribing to the newsletter is done by the unsubscribe function within the newsletter itself.

Change of terms:

Lindab may make changes to the terms from time to time. Any changes to these terms is notified to you when you log in to your Information Gateway account for the first time after any changes of these terms have been made. You must actively accept the new terms in order to continue to use the Information Gateway and the software connected to your account.