Software installation support

Installation issues and errors

Installation issues and errors depend on many different things. Different operating systems, patching status and in some cases cultural settings or cooperative policies can cause issues when trying to install software. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Currently, our desktop software are for Microsoft Windows only. Depending on the software, it supports different versions of Windows; Windows 7 service pack 1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are the operating systems we primarily support.
  • Our software needs to be installed with administrative rights. Make sure the installation runs with the correct authority. If you get errors about insufficient administrative rights, get help from your company's IT support.
  • Firewall and other security measurements may prevent the software from installing correctly, either blocking downloading of needed components or preventing installing the software on the computer. Adjust settings if possible or get help from your IT support. In some cases, temporarily inactivating these may help.
  • If you get a connection and/or downloading error while installing a component, make sure downloading and installation of these is not blocked. A common cause is that the file format "7zip" is blocked. Make sure this file format is allowed. On our shared components page you are able to download components directly if needed, though you need to be logged in to access this page.
  • Our software is developed on different platforms and thereby dependent on different runtime frameworks or components. Some use MATLAB runtime and Java, others .NET framework in different versions or Active X components. During installation, these are installed as well in most cases. If you encounter problems while installing software, please check the following:
    • Make sure your computer is not blocking installation of these components or frameworks.
    • In a few cases .NET framework 3.5 will not be installed correctly and this will generate different error messages depending on the software you try to run. Please install this manually from Microsoft here or activate it on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer, as described here.
  • We have shared components that some of our software use. This includes Lindab LicenseManager and Lindab EC3Library. During installation of software, one or more of these may need to be updated or installed as well.

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